PETS Customer Referral Program - During the past three years, most of our new customers have come from referrals from you, our existing customers. To thank you for any future referrals that you make, you will receive a $350.00 credit for each referral that becomes a new PETS Computer Customer. Your credit can be used for any PETS services like custom programming, computer hardware, label printers and our monthly service fees.

New Hardware Support - We now offer computer hardware support for Microsoft Windows based computer systems. Installing PETS AccuTerm and Easyco software and other software, setting up wireless and cable networks, removing computer viruses and most other hardware issues can be handled by a PETS Technician by connecting to your Windows computer via the internet. So just call the PETS Help Desk at 901-289-9388 when your computer needs to be checked out.

New Product - A PETS Credit Card Processing Module has been added to the PETS POS System. Very fast speeds (1-4 second swipe rates) and reliability are the hallmarks of this great product. In addition, this module has been fully integrated with the PETS POS System. One swipe of most credit cards and debit cards will provide payment for items purchased in the PETS Pay By screen and clear the credit card transaction. Several key Credit Card Reports and Reconciliations are included with the module. For more information, please call at 901-289-9388.

Custom Programming - The PETS Software has many useful features and reports. Occasionally a customer hasunique needs that require customprogramming and/or reporting. This can be done for a modest fee. For more information, please call at 901-289-9388.

Tech Tips -

1) To restart a Hung Port, go to another POS or Work station. Then, from the Main Menu go to System Utilities > Restart Hung Port.

Enter the Port number of the Hung Port and wait about 25 seconds and you will get a Login Prompt on the station with the hung port

The Port number can be found in the upper left corner of any PETS menu.
2) Hold the CONTROL (Ctrl) key down on the keyboard and press the X key to stop a long PETS report on the screen.
3) To see which Sell Prices were changed from the Regular Sell Price in Backload Inventory, run the Sell Price Over-Ride Report in Management Master Reports.
4) To lookup a Sales Invoice from the POS Entry Screen, in the Clerk# prompt type P (for POS Inquiry) and enter either the Invoice# or the customer name.
5) Would you like to instantly update Backload Inventory quantities (QOH), Sell Prices, Unit Cost and Product Codes? You can with the PETS PDA over a Wireless Network in your store. More details on the PETS PDA are available on the Products page of our website.
6) To see which Clerk Voided Sales Invoices for a date range, using the V. option, run the Voided Invoices Report in Management Master Reports.
7) Instant Lookup of Customer Invoices from the POS Entry Screen. In the Point of Sale Entry Screen, enter P (for POS Invoice Inquiry) and either Invoice#, Customer# or Customer Name to see the Sales History for the targeted customer. After you select the Invoice to review, you can go to the Pay By Screen and see the method of payment. Also, you can re-print the invoice from the Pay By Screen.

For Customer Name lookup, the PETS software looks at the first four (4) letters of the Customer Name. If the name is entered in the Customer Maintenance Screen as SMITH, JOHN ALFRED, the first 4 letters are SMIT. If the Customer Name is entered as JOHN ALFRED SMITH, the first 4 letters are JOHN. Also, the PETS software has a "sounds like" feature, so SMIT will show all customers that "sounds like" SMITH.
8) Instant Lookup of Inventory Items from the POS Entry Screen. In the Point of Sale Entry Screen, enter your Clerk# and the cursor will be at the Line# on the screen. Enter any word in the description of the Item that you are want to review. From the Popup screen, select the targeted Item and you will see the Item#, Description, QOH (quantity on hand, OO (quantity on outstanding purchase orders), Rsvd (quantity reserved for Layaways) and Sell price.
9) To reset your Star POS printer when it prints in expanded mode or an unreadable receipt; turn the electric power off on the printer, hold down both the Online and Feed buttons at the same time and turn the electric power back on while you are holding down the Online and Feed buttons. After you hear a beep from the POS printer, it should be reset and ready to operate again.